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Frequently Asked Questions

What speeds are available?

Most sites currently have a choice of 4Mbps, 10Mbps and 20Mbps symmetric fibre product speeds. This means you get the same speeds up and down with very low latency - great for gaming and streaming media services. We are in the process of upgrading all sites to a choice of 8Mbps, 24Mbps and 48Mbps product speeds. They will no longer be symmetric, but will be incredibly fast. Some sites using the Tricomms service only have one or two products available, but don't worry they will also be upgraded to the same options shortly.

What's so good about the service?

Media Force have installed fibre all over the sites where we provide service and brought in high capacity internet feeds from the nearest telephone exchange. Almost all users have a choice of cabled or Wi-Fi services in their room and your account can be used anywhere we provide a service. As well as that, we don’t restrict how much data you move around or how many devices you can use on your account.

What is the minimum contract?

There is no minimum contract term. You can purchase products from one day to one year. If you're not going to be staying at your current site for very long, take out a short-term product. If you're going to be moving between sites, then if the other sites have Media Force services, then buy a longer term product and use the same sign in details there.

What about line rental for my broadband?

We believe that line rental is something that happens to other people. Other broadband providers make money adding the cost of a mandatory landline telephone to their broadband packages. Media Force only charges you for the internet, not the line. There are no hidden charges.

Are there any limits?

Unlike most companies that advertise an unlimited service, we have no bandwidth cap and don't restrict speeds at peak times. So, unless you're abusing the service or have a virus, you're free to use the Internet as much as you want.

Will I get the same speeds on Wi-Fi?

Our speeds are not caveated by an 'up to' and we do our best to make sure that you get the speed stated for your account. If you are using a cabled point in your room, you will get the best possible speed. If you are using a Media Hub connected to the cabled point in your room, you will have your own private Wi-Fi bubble and you can allocate all your speed to your Media Hub. Any devices connected to the Media Hub (wired or wireless) will share this allocation of speed. If you are using a Public Wi-Fi overlay, it is not possible for us to guarantee those speeds as the Wi-Fi signal is shared amongst all connected users. Make sure you are connecting using 5Ghz where available for the best possible speed.

How do I add other devices to my account?

If you have a games console, smartphones or tablet you can add it to your account free of charge using the Account Management Portal. You do need to be a Media Force subscriber, so make sure you're signed up first. Add extra devices to your account ensures they stay logged in when in range of a Media Force Wi-Fi network

Allocating bandwidth to devices.

One key area in which the service differs to a home broadband service is that you can roam around using the account anywhere without having to be tied to a specific telephone line. To do this, we allow you to divide up your bandwidth allocation between devices so they remain logged in at all times they are within range of a Wi-Fi point.  Simply add the devices MAC address in the Account Management Portal and allocate an amount of bandwidth to it.

Can I share my account with other people?

No. Due to legislative reasons, we may be approached by law enforcement agencies to provide user details for people who are suspected of criminal activity. Sharing your account with others means in the event of such a request, you may be implicated in the actions of someone who uses your account, of which you may have no knowledge. As much as you may trust those who you would share your sign in details with, once your details are known by those other than you, there is no guarantee of your account security any more and you may find your account suspended as a result.

What is a Media Hub?

We have a multi-device router called Media Hub which allows you to connect several devices to one account using a mix of cables and wireless. You can order one from the Account Management Portal.

How do I get Media Force?

If you're staying in any of the locations listed on the locations page, all you need is an ethernet cable or Wi-Fi enabled device. Simply connect your computer to the wall socket, open your browser and sign up from the screen that appears or connect to the wireless network called "Media Force".

I have moved to another site, can I still use my account?

If your new site has internet services provided by either Media Force or Tricomms, then you can continue to use your existing sign in details and use your Media Force account with no disruption. Please remember to update your contact details at the Account Management Portal once you have moved.

How do I pay?

Payment is straightforward and handled via debit or credit card at time of registration. If you choose a recurring product, then you will be charged each month you use the service.

How do I cancel my service?

Just give Customer Support a call on 0300 103 0300 and have to hand your sign in name. Your account will expire after the remaining time on your account has passed.

The speeds listed above are not available, why not?

Because we understand how important Internet access is, during a deployment of a new site, we will sometimes install a limited range of products so that you can get online as quickly as possible while we work behind the scenes to get much faster services available. As we negotiate with our suppliers to get better connectivity installed, we will make all the products available to you.

I am at a cabled site and I want Wi-Fi. Can you make this happen for me?

Yes! We have a wireless router (our Media Hub) that you can attach to your network socket and will provide a local wireless signal that you can then connect multiple devices and gadgets to securely using industry standard WPA2 encryption. Order one today from the Media Force Portal.  Almost all sites have Wi-Fi service installed, any that don't will not be far behind. In many cases, we are waiting for permission from the MoD to do this. Remember, a Media Hub is the more secure option and will provide better and faster service than a public Wi-Fi overlay.

I am at a Wi-Fi site and I want cabled. Can you make this happen for me?

Sometimes! Unfortunately, any installation at an MoD site requires a huge amount of security paperwork to be completed and although it seems simple, running in a cable for a room can be a complicated and expensive process. Older buildings often have asbestos issues too.

Can I get faster Wi-Fi?

We are currently reviewing the sites which are Wi-Fi only and upgrading them to Dual Band (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) Wi-Fi. This will take a little time, but if you have an option to use 5Ghz Wi-Fi, you'll find it much faster than 2.4Ghz. If you have cabled points in your room, we highly recommend buying the Media Hub for the best Wi-Fi performance.

Can't find what you're looking for?

If you want to ask a question that's not answered here, then please get in touch with us on 0300 103 0300.

To make changes to your account, please visit Media Force Account Management